Planning A Surprise Birthday Party

Surprising alarm tone is always a great thrilling experience. Be it your husband, wife, a kid or simply just a friend organising a party unknown to them has to be done both secretively and carefully.A simple slip of the tongue can reveal the plans to the receiver of the party and if they get to know the surprise is spoilt and all your efforts will be of vain.

Starting point

Starting point of course will be to decide for which event you are going to throw the surprise party for. It could be a birthday or probably a wedding anniversary or some such event. First you need to get everybody together and have a team for the party planning. The team is mainly to explain your absences, changes in buying patterns, help decorate the venue etc. Make a guests’ list and invite everyone with the express warning to NOT to mention the party to the relevant receiver in any event. Sending out black and white invitations would stand out rather than a store-buy multicolored ones.

Food, decor and others

Stick to a theme and you can probably use the same theme for the decorations as well. You can buy the decorations easily from an online store when you have time to plan you can keep an eye on the bargained sales that are going on and buy cheap decoration items with time to spare. Makesure that some of your friends or family members are available on the day to help you decorate as you won’t be able to do it all by yourself. Pay special attention to the cake. If it’s a special birthday you are celebrating such as 16th or 40thyou can buy a number cake. If not, go for something which has a significance to the birthday boy or girl.Remember to mention to the guests if there is a dress code, time they should be present to yell “surprise” and join in on the fun. Better to hire a DJ and a photographer as you won’t have time to be taking photos as the host of the party.

Day itself

On the day itself, the plan must be very carefully done to bring the relevant person to the venue where the party has been planned. It must be believable as well. For example, if you suddenly ask them to come with you to go shopping, something which you never do, they will get suspicious. If it is their birthday itself then the proof is clearly out there for them to think you are planning something. Also you will be needed at the party venue to arrange everything and make sure all is well and up to-date. So it is better to have some friends or cousins bring the person to the party venue; they can always make something up as they hangout frequently. If you have hired a hotel where multiple events are taking place, you will need to design a distinct rose gold invitations cards and mention in it that bringing the card is a must so the guests won’t be misdirected. It is indeedexciting to throw a surprise party! Make sure it is an unforgettable memory to everyone.