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Few Ideas For Designing Small Kitchen Space

A well functional and well designed kitchen space has minimal clutter and it should be able to maximize efficiency. If you don’t have much space to afford or kitchen, it may pose some challenges to choose the right design which will allow you to maximize the space without cluttering it. Thanks to the latest designs, these are truly very efficient to make your small kitchen functional and attractive. Here are some proven and innovative tips.

  • Insert mirrors
    When you’ll add mirrors in your small kitchen, it will come with a magical outcome. These mirrors are providing you the illusion of more space. It will open the kitchen to the living room. The idea is to create an extension of both of these open spaces. Melbourne interior designers are always recommended for this innovative idea. On the other hand, if you don’t want to install mirrors, you can consider using minimalist cabinets those come with mirror like effect. Such type of cabinets will streamline the entire kitchen design and able to pull more light into the small space.
  • Smaller and compact appliances
    Smaller and compact appliances are always welcome for the kitchen. Unlike others, they won’t occupy much space. These gadgets come with similar function and less space consummating features. Small freezer and small microwaves are the example of such type of gadgets.
  • Kitchen island
    Kitchen Island is a brilliant idea that makes many tiny kitchens well functional. It will be great to use them at the center of the kitchen and can be easily used for storage of various vegetables along with other kitchen appliances. Sometimes, even you can use that island for dining area so you don’t have to buy gigantic dining tables which will crowd your small kitchen space.
  • Install armless chairs 
    Armless chairs also come with a great space saving feature. Such type of chairs is easier to get in and out which is very convenient when you don’t have enough space. Plus, these chairs will look clean and sleek. You can also consider backless stools those will be slipped under the counter when they are not in use. It will save space in your kitchen. If possible, you can use chairs those are blending with the island and kitchen walls. All these things will unify the different pieces of the kitchen.
  • Accurate lighting
    Installing proper lighting is also another big thing for the kitchen. There are several lights are available in the market those will not only create an illusion for bigger space but also sooth the entire area. A pro on interior decorating will make you clear about all these things.