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Swedish Massage

Massage is a soothing, pain relieving technique for the body. It has been practiced in many cultures. People around the world finds massage a great way to take care of their bodies. It also de-stresses the body. Massage in hurstville is expected to give health benefits as well. It is professionally done by massage therapists by relaxing, rubbing, lightly stroking or deep stroking the body. In European countries people who gives massage are called masseur and masseuse. It is important to have a license for this profession.


Massage has different types and techniques all depending on the health benefits and personal choices of an individual.

The most common types of massages around the world are:

Swedish Massage:

This massage is popularly known. People enjoy this massage because of its relaxing long strokes, deep circular motions. Tapping is also done by a massage therapist that makes the body feels alive again.

Hot stone massage:

 It is done by putting hot stones on body for relaxing muscle pain and helps to improve blood flow.

Deep Tissue Massage:

This massage contains deep strokes on the skin and tissues. It is mostly done for tissue injuries but could be enjoyed to relax the body.

Aromatherapy Massage:

 It is done by putting essential oils on body and also by inhaling essential oils.

Acupuncture Massage:

It is a Chinese massage done by fingers to release the tension in body. It helps in releasing the blocked Acupuncture in body.

Sports Massage:

 It helps treat injuries of people who play sports and is similar to Swedish massage.

Trigger Point Massage:

 This type of massage is mostly done for some specific condition or for curing knots in body.

Reflexology: It is for people who like to have a light massage to relax their body by having a gentle massage on hands, feet and ears.


People are globally becoming aware of health benefits and using different techniques from healthy food consumption to taking massages to help relieve stress and be physically fit and to have physical activities to keep body fit. All the massage therapist are also using palates to keep their bodies flexible and to keep the muscular strength. Pilates training is become a new self-crew tool as muscle strength is essential for maintaining the body. The combination of palates and massage are heard to be very helpful for people.


Reduce stress:

Massage is as important for the body as the food for the body. Food makes your body and massage relaxed your body. It helps in relaxation of mind as well as the body.

Reduce Muscle Tension:

Massage is known to release muscle tension. It is helps to heal connective tissues that are utterly important for muscle movement. It helps releases the muscle soreness and tension.

Improve Energy:

After a good massage your body turn into an energetic and active soul. You feel fresh and painless as well as it helps to bring back your energy to work, enjoy and think from a healthy mind.

Lowers Heart Rate:

Light and deep strokes of massage in circular motions helps the real rate to come back to normal and make the heart healthy as well. It also helps in restoring blood pressure by relaxing a body and mind. Please visit for more information.