The Cooler Way Of Cooling

You might be more familiar with traditional air conditioning units in terms of maintaining the desired temperature in your own homes. Simply, you need to cool the air. And yeah, the ACs been pretty great at it, as average household are using it. However, there is a better alternative. The evaporative cooling, and here’s more about it.

Traditional AC vs evaporative cooling

A regular air conditioning unit, whether it’s a centralized type or the one installed on your windows, cools the air by utilizing chemical refrigerants which is a gas that turns into liquid and the gas again. It continuously flows in looping coils, bridging the inside and the outdoors. The thing here is that the refrigerant in these units suck heat from your homes only to blow it off outside. Most AC units operate on the same principle. On the other hand, the evaporative cooling method is different, like the one in portable evaporative air conditioning. Its first difference is that it does not need any chemicals or refrigerants to absorb the heat from inside. Water is its way of cooling.

Evaporative cooling technique

So how does this evaporative cooling process work? Well, the keyword here is evaporation, which is a natural process that happens when a certain liquid turns into a gaseous state. Like when you dry out your clothes under the sun, it is that concept. This technique cools the air. The indoors air is like harnessing the water provided by the cooler. Water passes through a cooling pad, while the fan being turned by the motor to draw warm air. Basically, evaporative cooling works by reducing the heat suspended in the air. Water takes in the heat from its surroundings to decrease the temperature. When water absorbs heat, it eventually evaporates, meaning water has turned into vapor (or gas) escaping the area and taking with it the heat. To put things into perspective, imagine sweating. It’s actually the body’s way of cooling. Sweat takes the heat, and gets off with it.

Advantages of evaporative cooling

There are certainly several advantages of choosing evaporative coolers over the traditional air conditioning units. First, it is very efficient when it comes to energy use. It consumes less power compared to other AC units. This in turn could leave savings in your monthly bill, making it the more practical decision. In addition, it does not also contain any harmful chemicals which may cause serious impacts to the environment. It only uses water and evaporation in most of its operation. And portability if you purchase portable evaporative air conditioner.Evaporative cooling has several advantages over choosing regular AC units. And it is truly worth considering these benefits.

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April 15, 2019